Your Questions Answered

How do I start Pilates?

Book your Assessment Session where we will assess your needs. You then have the choice of either booking one or more One-to-One sessions or joining a Beginners course.

I am fit and healthy. Will it be too gentle?

Pilates is great for all levels of ability, and it has much to teach even those who are fit and healthy.

Pilates is a change for life, putting in place good muscle-recruitment patterns in the class, and encouraging you to apply them to everyday use. As you get stronger and more in tune with your body, you can move onto the more challenging Intermediate and Advanced classes.

I have a bad back. Can I still do Pilates?

Some of our clients have back problems, which is why they come to our classes. If you are seeing a specialist, you may already be working on core stability. Our classes are a continuation of that work, and the small class numbers ensure you get the attention you need.

Don’t expect miracles. We correct and advise but depending on how severe your condition is, you will need to put some time in at home as well.

If you have not been referred to us, you should consult your specialist or practitioner before attending our classes. In some cases, we may ask for your permission to consult with the practitioner to ensure we provide the correct exercise programme for you.

How are our classes different from other Pilates’ classes on Merseyside?

Our classes are limited to a maximum of 12 clients per session.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone attending our sessions receives clear instruction, with verbal, visual and tactile cues to help perfect and adjust where necessary.

For you to see improvement and change you need constant feedback from your teacher, and that is what we give.

Which teacher?

Whomever you chose to do Pilates with, check that they are properly qualified. How long was their training? With whom did they train? Do they belong to an association with ethics, standards and ongoing development training? Body Control Pilates Association; Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

Please be aware that some Pilates’ teachers do only a weekend of training before taking on students of their own.

What do I wear?

You should wear whatever is comfortable and allows you to move freely and with unrestricted movement. But, please, no trainers.

Socks, however are a good idea to keep the feet warm and to prevent cross infection.

Classes on the Wirral:

Thornton Hough

Thornton Hough WI Hall,
Neston Road,
CH63 1JF


Neston Community & Youth Centre,
Burton Road,
CH64 9RE


Prenton United Reformed Church Hall,
Prenton Road West,
CH42 9PX

Lower Bebington

Lower Bebington Methodist Church,
Bromborough Road,
Lower Bebington,
CH63 7RA



Assessment Consultation Appointment
45 minutes

Course of Classes
typically 4 - 8 weeks

One to One Appointment
One hour

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Setting Standards in Pilates

Peter Heath is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals
Peter Heath is qualified to administer Emergency First Aid and is also qualified to use an
Automated External Defibrillator. Peter Heath is fully insured and CRB certified.